15 Brilliant Home Decor Ideas Living Room

15 Brilliant Home Decor Ideas Living Room

July 30, 2021 0 By admin

Our house has different parts according to our affordability and requirement. The essential parts include Bed Room, Bath Room, kitchen and living Room. The most important part is our living Room. We spend a lot of time in our living Room. A living room can well be defined as a place that sets the tone of rest of your house. It is a common family place. It not only needs to be neat and tidy but it should also provide required comforts. Irrespective of the size of the room, it can still be a nice and comfortable place for all family members. Its seating arrangement should be cozy, comfortable and inviting.

Decoration and setting of living room is a big challenge as it must cater to the needs of all family members. Decore changes with the size of the room. It can be wide and spacious room or it may be a small space with odd design and size. If you have a small living room, you can still create an image of space and luxury by applying small tricks to it.  By these tricks you can make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Here, we focus on small sized living room as most people have small living rooms. We have 15 brilliant ideas that fit your requirement and will help transform your simple, shabby and boring place to an interesting state of the art master piece. You can modify all these according to your needs and requirements.

Our focus here is on a place where living room is of small size and we need to make it look bigger than its actual size and a comfortable place that family members can spend quality time together.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room wall color1:- Wall should be painted in light color

A small place needs to be painted white or any other light color. White or any other lighter color paint creates the image of space and the place seems spacious in comparison to it actually is. So, choose your paint colors wisely to keep the place a cozy, comfortable and spacious look.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room wall hangings2:- Maximize wall hangings

Small places should have minimum objects that are placed on floor. If there is lot of objects that are placed on the floor, the place looks congested and cluttered. Try to focus your attention towards the decorations that can be hung on walls.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room space behind furniture3:- Leave space behind furniture

This simple trick also gives the impact and look of spaciousness. If you put all your furniture against the wall, the place will look congested. So try to keep space behind your furniture.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room light weight furniture4:- Swap Heavier seating objects with lighter one

If you have the option of small sofas and light arm chairs to be placed in your living room, prefer arm chairs. It will give the impression of openness.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room natural light5:- Allow natural light into the room

The more well lit a room is, the more beautiful it looks. Allow natural light with a mix of artificial lights to give the place a spacious look.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room swing6:- Small swing adds beauty and comfort to the place

If there is not enough space to keep a bigger swinging seat, opt for a smaller swing. It not only gives a comfortable look to the place but also enhances the beauty of the place.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room light red rug7:- Decorate the place with a light colored large rug

When you choose a large rug, it creates mind tricks and a small place looks bigger. If a corner setting is chosen, it gives you the ample space to design and decorate rest of the room according to your requirements.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room art work8:- Display of art work

Dedicate one wall to display the work of art to give the place an interesting look. Gallery wall can give the place a look of bigger place if it is extended to the ceiling border, otherwise it will create congested look.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room layered center table9:- Use of Layered center table

Make use of two layered table to create more space for your living room.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room intelligent use of mirror10:- Make intelligent use of Mirrors

This is the most important item to create an impact of spaciousness. Mirrors look great when placed intelligently. A giant size mirror on one wall will double the size of your place.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room low seating11:- Make use of low seating

When low seating furniture is used in a place it gives the room a wider look as the distance between the floor and the ceiling is increased. It ultimately gives the place an openness and wide look. Leggy tables allow you more view of floor that gives an impressive openness.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room smart color combination12:- Smart Color Combination

Try to stick to one or two color combination in your decore including furniture. It looks congested When there is lot of colorful items. The objects seem to sticking to each other and look congested und untidy.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room wallpapers13:- Make clever use of wall papers

Use of wall papers is very convenient and affordable way to transform any place within a low budget. You do not need to redo the place all over whenever you get bored and want to change the place. Wall papers are easily available in every stuff, color and pattern. Wallpapers can be used to conceal damaged and dirty walls.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room gold decor14:- Enliven your place with gold décor

Gold decore with low profile furniture and transparent tables create a dreamy look that is perfect solution to a tired mind and body.

Home Decor Ideas Living Room built in lights15:- Built in Lights

As the living room is a place where most of the time is spent by all family members. All kind of activities take place there. It should have been open to natural light. It also need to be well lit during night time. A blend of old and antique lights gives the place a beautiful look.  A perfect solution is built in lights. It not only lightens the place but also gives an artistic and interesting look to the place. An ideal choice is use of transparent lights.